I joined this forum when I was a teenger after I bought my first PSP and became part of the community at the time that gathered there and helped newbies out. We did the best we could without the admin active on the site. Eventually I managed to contact the administrator and was promoted to head moderator at this time with a team of other active members at the time who were made mods as well. The admin faded away again and the community faced the same issues previously faced, like unable to remove spam, organize threads, make new sections for other non PSP community talk. member Spike_132000 created a forum called PSP Guides which was a temporary haven. PSP Guides is now defunct. I created OP420 forums which started out as another sister site which evolved into a community for homebrew support on PlayStation, Wii and Xbox. OP420 also has sections for a gaming forum, music forum, computer forum, Smartphone forum, and general chat forum and more. The admin of returned and created more sections like on OP420. I left foruming due to personal issues and upon my return could not post. I emailed the admin never got a reply, unsure if he ever got it informing him of this. On my Using OP420 forums thread, I noticed an embedded image from was dead and upon visiting the site I noticed it was drastically changed. The old content was gone. I joined the new site and made a psphomebrew 2013 post explaining what happened and was made moderator of the new site by the admin. I am not sure if that admin was the same one I previously spoke with or someone different. The domain whois was unchanged from then. Not too long ago I returned to notice the site was down and the domain expired and I took the opportunity to bid on it as to protect it from becoming a parked spam site and to protect the robots.txt from anyone preventing from displaying any saved content which I will try to restore here. I would rather have the site the way it was with active admin whether it be myself and/or the previous one, but if the domain expired so better me obtaining it than anyone with malicious intent so this is the best I can do. If the former admin has a copy of any old posts and reads this, please contact me.

Read the announcement on OP420.